01 December, 2006

The LegendaryBluehorses' Yule Bashes!

Stop Press!

Jo and Paul MaryJane to support at Winchester

Fancy Dress Theme - Prizes!

Friday 15th December - Yule Bash #1 - The Flowerpot -Derby
01332 834438 - 01332 204955

Tickets available online via SEE Tickets Click HERE for web link http://www.rawpromo.co.uk/

Saturday 16th December - Yule Bash #2 - The Railway - Winchester

01962 867795http://www.myspace.com/therailway

Tickets available online via Ticketweb http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_south&query=detail&event=186478

28 November, 2006

Huge New Gallery Unleashed!

Hundreds of great pics from the past few years to the latest show - Includes archive, soundcheck and backstage shots.

Yup, our man Andy's been a very busy boy again!... [here]

09 September, 2006

Our new online store is open!

Welcome to Mr Neddy's goodies shop! Official Bluehorses merchandise and goodies are available here!

Hope you find the new store easy to use... we now accept payment by credit card or UK debit card through secure payment company 2CO. Of course, you can still pay with Paypal. For all methods, just go through the shopping cart/checkout system and you'll be asked which payment method you'd like to use

Mail order - if you want to order by smail mail use the store to "order" what you want and go to the checkout payment screen to to find the order total (incl shipping). Write down your order details and send to PO Box 51, Pontypridd, CF37 2YQ Wales.

We are expecting new stocks of Cracking Leather and Dragons Milk CDs plus a brand new T-shirt design in the next month - Watch this space, or even better, sign up for our occasional e-newsletters on the main site home-page to get the news... As it do happen!!

Featured products

Live at Saul DVD Filmed at the bands headline show at Saul Festival in 2005 by a crack tv crew. Widescreen presentation, digital stereo sound, state of the art lightshow and a stunning performance combine to create a film that many big name bands would envy.

08 September, 2006

Live Radio Caroline Set - 14th September 10pm

Up until the inception of the pirate radio station, later to be called Caroline, rock and pop music radio and tv was limited to a few carefully selected and highly unsubersive programmes, their output pretty much controlled by the major labels. When Caroline founder Ronan O'Rahilly couldn't get airplay for the bands he managed... he bought a ship and set up shop in international waters.

Despite continuous attempts by the government to put a stop to their 'dangerous' activities (and of course being keen to control any revenue), the station has kept going in one form or another ever since.

These days, although still maintaining their fiercely independent ideaology, the station broadcasts on the internet, Sky, satellite and cable, with the excellent recent announcement that Caroline is being relayed to the 100,000 listeners in the Baltic states from the powerful 945kHz medium wave transmitter of Radio Nord in Riga, Latvia.

Rob Leighton presents Imagination Radio via Carolines transmitters and has long been a good friend and supporter of Bluehorses. Rob asked us to record a live set for Imagination some time ago, and we finally got it together in August on the way home from the very rockin' Farmer Phil's Festival.

The show was recorded in Rob's beautiful 250 year old country cottage with an invited audience of friends and neighbours. The band played for about an hour, recording onto their mobile studio, really having a ball, making some new friends and availing themselves of the sumptuous buffet provided by the lovely Mrs Leighton!

The show goes out on the 14th September at 10pm so please listen in, the band are all really proud to be leaving their small mark in radio history. To find out how to listen to the show, click on the Radio Caroline logo above.

22 August, 2006

Andy's Farmer Phils Festival Diary and Pics!

Deepest Shropshire was the venue for one of the bands favourite festivals yet. We're talking Glastonbury 1972 here!
Beautiful setting, lovely people - both festy crew and audience - rotating stage based on a cow-milking carousel and that Farmer Phil... He am THE MAN! Oh yes indeedy.

Andy 'Bitch' Dolman tells it like it is... [Here]

26 July, 2006

Andy's Montreux Diary and Pics!

The prestigious Montreux Festival recently set the scenery for a couple of rocking Bluehorses shows. Intrepid crew dood, and all round top bloke - Andy 'Bitch' Dolman - tells the tales and takes the pics.

Check out Andy's true and completely unbiased account of the whole weekend from Dover to Montreux via a selection of choice superstores - No change there then...! [here]

Engine Room Refit

As some of you may already know, Nathan has decided to call it a day and concentrate on fronting his own band project. We're very sad to see him go, as his inimitable thunderous playing style and stage persona have contributed a huge amount to the band over the past 4 years. We wish him all the best with his new band and family life with Fluffy and their new son Luke. Rock on Dood!!

The next few shows will see the return of our old pal Rob Khoo, BHs original bassist of 9 years, who's kindly agreed to help us out on a voluntary basis while we look for a permenent replacement. We know that many of you will look forward to saying hi to him again!

21 March, 2006

Live at Saul Festival DVD is now available

Photos - Graham Parkes

"On July 1st 2005, Celtic rockers Bluehorses played a
blinding headline set to an enthusiastic 1200 strong crowd under canvas at Saul

The show was filmed and produced by a crack TV film crew and
sound recorded using 24-track digital technology. Directed by David Wheeler (Top
Gear, Bad Lads Army, SAS Jungle Borneo etc)

Bluehorses are a band to be taken very seriously, but their
sense of humour is pristine. With that essential mixture of darkness and light,
they have the perfect balance.

The atmosphere was electric and the spirit of the whole
weekend is captured here.

This DVD recording reveals the stunning light show, the
energy and, of course, the music from the festival stage and the enjoyment of
the crowd on that special summer's evening".

Buy now in our online shop [here]


This is a 2 disk set.

Disk 1 - the Concert

Has the concert footage, aproximately 1 hour 20 minutes.


  • Cabbage Train

  • Billy Boy (new previously unreleased track)

  • Barbara Allen

  • Blackleg Miner

  • Black is the Colour

  • Witch in Wedlock

  • Viv Aldi's Hot Metal Lucky-Dip Extravaganda (new previously unreleased track)

  • Gravel Walk/Beltane/Litha (new previously unreleased track)

  • Night Visit (new previously unreleased track)

  • Ostara/Morrisons Jig

  • Mad Tom's Song

  • Sitting Pretty

  • Skyclad
Directed by David Wheeler

Disk 2 - The Extras

Interviews with the band, 'Bootleg' Videos, Discography, Off-Stage footage and more!
Compiled and assembled by Mike 'I've cracked it' Furmston

Buy now in our online shop [here]

Download clips

There's a selection of free clips from the DVD for you to downoad on the download pages [here]

Where there is a choice of low or higher resolution file, they are otherwise identical clips. If possible, please only download one from each track as owing to so many people downloading at the moment, we have to be a bit careful with bandwidth useage - thanks. Alternatively these tracks are also available on Youtube where you can re-play them to your heart's content and also embed them in your own pages :)

These are very small screen, fairly low resolution clips - the actual DVD is of course full widescreen, state-of-the-art broadcast quality with digital stereo sound.
Full CD details can be found in the Discography, and the lyrics in the Lyricon on the main Bluehorses website.