15 June, 2007

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter has been sent out to all those who have registered on the main band web page. The newsletter can be seen on the newsletter blog pages Magazine Newsletter from Bluehorses: May - the Mud came.

If you did not receive it, and would like to do so in the future, or if you previously signed up but nothing has arrived in your in-box, please enter your mail address in the box on the main band web page. We also had a problem this time with people on some mail systems, it may be that your mail accounts are blocking the newsletter as Spam. If this is the case then you can continue to receive the newsletter by setting the sending account as valid sender (the account is "horseheadzine at gmail.com" .. change the at to an @ sign)

Vivaldi video clip on main website

The video clip on the main Bluehorses web site has been changed so that it is now showcasing a track filmed at the Montreux Jazz festival in 2006.
Vivaldi - shortened from Viv Aldi's Hot Metal Extravaganza

The song appeared in this form on the Live Saul DVD, but a much shortened form can also be found on the 10 leagues album. see the discography for greater details.

11 June, 2007

New shows added to the schedule in July

Three new shows added to the schedule

First on 6th July at The point Cardiff Bay supporting "The Men They Could Not Hang"

Second on 22nd July at Chepstow castle. with Dr and the Medics

don't forget we are also at Spratton Festival on 15th July

Third on 10th November at The Thomas Tripp Christchurch

10 June, 2007

New album update

There have been a number of inquiries about how the new album was progressing and when it would become a reality... Nic just dropped this note off at the stables ... but basically

all tracks for the album are now writ, demo'd up and recording underway!
so anyway ... transcribed below.

We're finally there with track selection (heard that before... ned) and all have been recorded in demo form. After much experimentation, market research and the usual jaffa cake, diamond white and red bull frenzies, we've taken a bit of a different approach to this album. Can't say too much yet, but we're all getting very excited as we hear it coming together.

We're sort of going back to the bands early sound in some ways - a bit more medieval influenced than of late - but with the advantage of ten years practise! The new stuff is also much more of a reflection of our own personal musical tastes - we're all serial headbangers at heart!

But don't be afraid.

... OK, be afraid, but don't be worried... it still sounds like us!! In fact it sounds more like us than ever before!!! It just took us a while to work out what we sound like. It's not easy this, when you have a combined band attention span of 3 minutes :o)

I've already put drums down for some of the toons and all the final recording should be complete in 3 or 4 weeks. Then all we gotta do is mix it, so about another 5 years... :o) Heheh, only joshing. A couple of months should do it.

You're gonna LOVE it.

Or we'll send Big Stan round.

Watch this proverbial space... Nic