18 October, 2007

new foal in the stables

Baby Connor McDonald was born last night - 17th Oct 2007 at 18-45

Mother and Baby (8lbs 3.5oz) calm and doing well. Jay is very proud Daddy again.

No doubt pictures will be available soon in the gallery ;)

17 October, 2007

New video on website

During the Summer festivals a couple of new tunes were aired; one of these that went down rather well with all who were there, was "Dance With Me".

A new video has been compiled from the footage shot at the Peterborough Beer Festival show by Mike, and is now showing on YouTube, and there is also a view on the main band web page

03 October, 2007

Thomas Tripp - Cancelled

We have just been informed that the show at the Thomas Tripp in November has been canceled by the venue.

Disappointed does not do it justice ******