Liz Prendergast
Nic Waulker
Nathan Waulker
Jakey Graupner

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Sleeve Notes

  • Black is the Colour of my True Loves' Hair
  • An oft covered traditional Scottish song of suitably gothic gloom which Liz layered onto a riff played by Jakey. A couple of soundcheck jams put some bass and drum bones onto it and the studio sessions a bit of Moog. I think some of our most successful compositions have been re-arrangements of 'Dark and Doomy' love and death ballads and poems - Barbara Allen, Helen, Molly Bond, Pentyre Town, so this is a fitting addition to the repertoire!
  • Ostara
  • 'Easter' in the old religion... once upon a time this was to be 'Spring' in a loosely 'four seasons' based set, but as so often happens, was found to work well in a different piece. Based around Lizzies electric harp musings this was a group composition that came together during a rehearsal session in the back room of a hostelry under the shadow of Reculver towers in Kent.
    Quite Led Zeppelin in retrospect, but there was no conscious intention - it's inevitable that music you listen to will colour the work you later produce - all part of the great cycle of life.

  • Morrisons Jig
  • A traditional Irish tune that came from the same session as Ostara and became incorporated into the same set of tunes which were played for the first time that night at the Broadstairs Festival in 2003. Being in 6/8 this makes for a great thumping old-skool folk-rock stomper which is pretty much guaranteed to 'up' the mosh a gear or two.

  • Skyclad
  • All Bluehorses' music encompasses a diverse range of styles and influences, but I've always had a 'vision' of how I wanted the band to sound that, while quite clear 'in me 'ead', has up to now proved elusive when it comes to getting it out! Its a fusion of modern and retro rock; synths, electronics; Celtic and 'classical' parts. Lyrically and molodically I didn't want it to be 'folky' in a traditional sense, but to have an evocative Celtic/Gothic folki-NESS about it. (Do you know what it is yet, Cobber?!!)
    I think with Skyclad the vision has started to solidify and already the feedback tells me I was on the right track. (which is lucky..! :) All we have to do now is put together a whole albums' worth of similarly cool material - watch this space!

  • Twmbarlwm Live 2003 (The Marrs Bar, Worcester)
  • We wanted to include a live track, so the CD finishes with a storming version of old favourite Twmbarlwm which, being largely improvised, has changed dramatically (especially with the introduction of Lizzies electric harp) since we recorded it for the live album 7 years ago! (Blimey... :) It's pretty much 'as played' - tho' we did add the odd bit of extra rhythm guitar here and there, because... well, because we could really! Heheh.
    When you are so 'close' to a recording and have listened to various versions dozens of times, it's quite hard to see the wood for the trees, but now the feedback's coming in - well, you lot seem to think it's pretty good - and in the end, that's the most important thing!
    Nic, Bluehorse Towers, Wales, November 2004