15 February, 2007

Two new videos on YouTube

Those of you that have been to a show in the last couple of years will notice that we have several small video cameras working away. We take all the footage and compile it into memories. Every so often we get some thing that is worth sharing. This was the case at Farmer Phil's festival last year. A couple of complete songs from this festival in 2006 have been edited down and are available on YouTube.

For those of you that have not come across YouTube before, it is a site that specialises in "subscribers videos". kind of like Flickr or photobucket but for videos. Given the size of some of these video clips it is better viewed over a broadband connection, otherwise wait for the clip to almost completely load before pressing the play button.

There is currently a collection of Bluehorses videos on Youtube, from clips out of the live video to some tunes from Newt festival in 2005 and a number of behind the scenes clips. see here for the complete collection

First up "Hoedown" See this clip at full size here

Second "Blackleg Miner" See this clip at full size here