22 March, 2007

Dragons Milk and Coal and Cracking Leather back in the shop

Dragons Milk and Coal and Cracking leather Skin and Bone CDs are available in the Bluehorses shop once more [here]. No prizes for spotting the slight changes to the artwork ;)

Dragons Milk and Coal was the 2nd studio album from 1999, and a MOJO magazine Album of the Month .
Cracking leather skin and Bone was Bluehorses first studio album from 1997, remastered in 1999 with 3 bonus tracks
Ten Leagues Beyond the Wild Worlds End was the startlingly original 2001 fourth album. Liz Prendergast's vocals lending credence to the doom laden lyric and varying from cooing lullaby, to big, belt-'em-out rocker via gothic chiller.

Ten Leagues Beyond the Wild Worlds End


  • Mad Tom's Song

  • Calling Number 5

  • Molly Bond

  • Scapa Flow

  • Tantric Messiah

  • Sleepy Hollow

  • Pentyre Town

  • Child

  • Common Ground

  • Helen (acoustic)

  • Bluetopia

  • O'Vivaldi's Irish Italian Theme Bar

  • Bigger Gun Than Yew

  • Rhapsody for Fretless Bass and Crumhorn

Dragons Milk and Coal


  • Dragons Milk and Coal

  • D'ya

  • Liberty

  • Barbara Allen

  • Rabbit in the Headlights

  • Goodbye

  • In Flanders Fields

  • Old Haslams Bits

  • Witch in Wedlock

  • Passer By

  • Dark Circle (slight return)

  • Mining Song.
+ Secret Track. ...

Cracking Leather Skin and Bone


  • Helen

  • Under the leaves

  • Pill/ Farmer's Daughter

  • Sitting Pretty

  • Banks of Conwy

  • Wiccaman

  • Into the Woods

  • Screaming Crying

  • Summer has Flown

  • Blackleg Miner

  • All Went Away

  • Cabbage Train

  • Big White Telephone

You will also be able to purchase them them through Amazon, however using the shop on the main band site leads to more of the money going towards the new album!