30 November, 2007

Album tracks released for preview

6 new tracks have been uploaded to the Bluehorses MySpace profile.
  • Waes Hael
  • Dance With Me
  • Ray of Light
  • Calling My Loves
  • Aberdulais
  • The Fool
The CD will be available from our main website store immediately after Xmas 2007 (and at the Yule Bashes in Derby, Winchester and Bilston nr. Birmingham)

They're back with a new sound and they ain't taking no prisoners! Welsh Celtic Rockers Bluehorses have gone back to their roots and come up with a new album - their 7th - that's bursting with metallic riffs, pounding double kick drums and electric violin.

Fronted by Irish/Welsh Gothess, Lizzie Prendergast, whose storming violin and vocals provide the Celtic flavour, the band have come out of the closet - and brought some skeletons with them!

Founder member and drummer Nic Waulker says "Over the last 15 years we've played numerous festivals in every country in Europe and Scandinavia, but compared to the stuff we've jammed in the privacy of Bluehorse Towers, we've always toned things down quite a bit.

Now thanks to the delights of YouTube, we've discovered there's a massive Folk Metal scene going on with fantastic bands like Korpiklaani and In Extremo and it's made us realise there's an awful lot of people around who want to hear the kind of music we've always really enjoyed playing.

We spent the summer at our studio up here in the Welsh mountains with Jay MacDonald our guitarist - who also played bass on Thirteen Fires - writing and recording the new album which has just gone to press, and we seriously think it's a bit of a stunning beast!