15 April, 2008

Live shows sabatical

The following statement has been issued by the band (that sounds really formal but wasn't supposed to be). This is to kind of explain why no shows have been forthcoming this year.

Having been 'at it' for nearly fifteen years (! - where did that go then???) the band have decided to take a break from live shows this year and spend a bit of time working on their own things.
Nic and Jay have been having fun in the studio over the past few weeks working on ideas for a new project, and Liz is concentrating on the more traditional side of things for a while.
Nic's also finding time - and headspace! - to design and make Celtic and Anglo-Saxon inspired ceramic sculpture and tiles for the first time since he and Liz started the band waaay back in 1994.
Huge thanks as ever for your continuing support, we really will miss seeing all of you at the festies and shows and to keep you going til we next meet... do make sure you pick up a copy of the new album 'Thirteen Fires' - it really is a stormer :o)
You can buy the album, and all the other CDs and DVD from the website http://www.bluehorses.co.uk (paypal or credit cards accepted) and from http://www.amazon.co.uk
Our very, very best wishes to you from everyone at BH Towers